Assorted Gizeh Papers


That same great Gizeh we know and love!

-Fine Singlewide hemp paper that burns with no extra ash.

-Super fine Singlewide rice paper that burns with no extra ash.

What’s a single wide? This is the same size of paper that you’ve been using when you use a Rizzla or a Zap-Zag!

-Super Fine 1+1/4″ and made of rice. These papers don’t mess around! Thin thinnest papers on the market today at 12.0g/m2. Being made of rice is not only a renewable and sustainable way to twist up, but the leaf itself also produces no ash! Affordably meets luxury, we love and roll Gizeh!

The ultimate chronisseur King sized papers. These babies are extra long and slim, for rolling those perfect looking mega doobs! Made of rice, the leaf itself produces no ash! And at 12.0g/m2 thickness, these are the thinnest papers in the word! And durable as well! 


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